Soundstripe is my go to website for music for my projects. Whether you need something quirky or cinematic, Soundstripe has it. To get a 10% discount, use code: allangeorge10

Go to Soundstripe here.

FilmConvert is the best colour grading plugin out there. If you want authentic film stock looks, this is the plugin for you. To get 10% off, use code: allangeorge10

Go to FilmConvert here.

Watchtower is my favourite plugin to date. Watchtower is an extension for Premiere Pro & After Effects that auto syncs project bins with system folders. Learn more here.

Download Watchtower here.

If you're a student, get 70% off the entire Creative Cloud suite by clicking here. The full suite has 20+ apps, including Premiere, After Effects and Photoshop. The usual price is $129/mo, but you can get it for $25/mo by clicking the link below.


Find out more here.

Here you will find not only a Premiere template but a folder structure that mirrors the folder structure in Premiere. This workflow has made my life so much easier. Paired with Watchtower this helps create the perfect workflow for editors.


Download the template here.


Mega is the site I use to transfer large files/footage. It is easy to use and has a desktop app which makes things even easier. Follow the link below and get 2 months free when you sign-up for a 12 month PRO plan.


Sign-up here.

Soundly has a massive cloud library and comes with a search engine that makes searching for your sound effect incredibly easy. The free version comes with a stack of free sounds. 


Download the trial here.

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